The Security Guard
A 24 year old student Daula from Bangladesh, who currently studying economics at the University of East London, looking after a disused steel & metal foundry factory in Suffolk.
24 year old Daula is from Bangladesh, can is currently studying economics at the University of East London. Through an employment agency in London, Daula excepted a job from a security company guarding a disused factory, mainly from looters.  "When I first started working here I was very proud to be in charge of such a place, this factor so massive, you can feel the history here, it seems so sad that it all as to be pulled down now. But now I don't like it here", he tells me. "I have to live and sleep here for two weeks each month". Dula sleeps in a tiny one man caravan provided by the company, along side a extremely furious Rottweiler dog which he also has to feed. "I work to send money back to my family has well has paying rent for my flat in London". "People come at night looking for metals, I see them, but I don't want to talk to them. Sometimes I get very scared, but I have my phone". He ask me, "When do you think the factory will eventually be pulled down?"
The area is now a retail park.
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