The Felixstowe Swimscapes
The Felixstowe seascape swimmers
The Felixstowe Swimcapes
On a bitterly cold morning in Febauray I joined a happy bunch of people who together all belong to the Felixstowe Swimscapes. A hardy bunch of individuals who come together every Saturday morning, come rain, come shine or snow, or even worse, to swim across a part of the Felixstowe shoreline. I was wearing my thermals trying to keep out the bracing cold wind, which felt more like -5 rather just over 5 degrees. What would make seemingly shane intelligent people venture out in the middle of winter into the bitterly cold seawater? Well the answer to that question is just pure and simple, a love for swimming, and it does'nt matter where they swim, just as long as they can test themselves in all conditions. These hardly souls who numbered up to twenty and are still actively looking for new members. Check out their facebook page here:
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